Our service

Our services

The main specialization of the trading company AKKOL is the purchase of a wide range of goods from Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers with their further being sold to counterparties at a bargain price. Our product range includes the following product groups:

  • agricultural products and raw materials (coming from CIS countries) – wheat, barley, soybean oil, sunflower oil, sunflower;
  • agricultural machinery from the manufacturers RABE, Moresil;
  • consumer goods (imports from Asia) – home goods, accessories, souvenirs, fabrics, shoes, umbrellas;
  • consumer Electronics – Electric Kettles, Blenders, Mixers, etc;
  • products for children;
  • household and kitchen goods – glass and plastic containers, dishes, pans;
  • second-hand mopeds;
  • building materials (main import Turkey, China) – a new direction, which is being currently developed by the company.

A diverse assortment of products allows AKKOL LIMITED to interest a large number of customers – the list we have formed is mainly aimed at medium and small distributors.

How the company works

The main task of AKKOL specialists is to ensure the supply of goods necessary for the client. To achieve it, the company has established trade relations with a number of manufacturers from which it receives products, and then sells it with minimal margins. At the same time, contractors receive goods of optimal quality at an affordable price. To interest more customers, AKKOL LIMITED offers a discount system. Such an approach allows our partners to realize the full potential of their business and get advantageous price offers as part of business cooperation with our company.